Imagine a world…

Imagine a Country

Is the title of an interesting book I just finished. As a fun coincidence, I finished this book on the same day the numbers of applicants for each field of study at post secondary institutions were released.

The book is a series of essays by a range of invited individuals – mostly artists – who each contemplate what their ideal version of Scotland would look like.

For the vast majority of entrants, the ideal country involved a substantial expansion of arts programs. Apparently most of what is wrong in the world can be fixed by artistic expression. For others, it was increased equality.

It is an interesting question. Imagine a country. What would you change? It is a very big question, now that I think about it. I’m not sure it can be quickly or easily answered. I’ve given it a few tries, and I find that to change the world, or even just a single country, it is good to start with one thing. Change one thing, that would have a significant impact.

What would you change?

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