What We Do

Focusing on the essential

EXIT specialises in startup optimisation at its most basic form: the idea, the investors, the innovation. By concentrating on the essence of successful startups, we take you from inception to ingenuity.

EXIT is a hybrid organisation: part venture capitalism, part consultancy, part startup studio. The company invests in and develops promising startups, with the primary aim to aid these products or services successfully expand into the market, earn profit and become thriving businesses. With specialists in tech, law and communications, our team is uniquely equipped and experienced in the art of successful startup-development.

What sets EXIT apart from other startup studios out there? Our primary target is ideas – to find and develop companies with authentic, unparalleled potential. We pick the best concepts and use laserlike, precision focus to execute only those which provide the most technological and financial opportunities. It’s easy enough to do something, but at EXIT, we ask: “Is IT worth doing?”


Video: “The EXIT Process”